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A FAQ about the FAQ

This page is intended to give some editorial guidelines for the LyX FAQ. Please consider the points made below before modifying FAQ content.

§1.  Aims

§1.1  What is the FAQ not?

  • The FAQ is no interactive help forum. If you have a question that is not answered here, please post them at the LyX User List.
    The chance is low that you get a response to a question if you enter it to this FAQ wiki, and such entries will make the FAQ less useful for others.
  • Also, the FAQ is .

§1.2  Then what is the FAQ?

The FAQ is a collection of frequently asked questions. That is:

  • Users should find here short and definite answers to questions that have been asked several times before.
  • Additionally, the FAQ should relieve contributors of the mailing lists. Instead of having to answer the same questions all over again, they can direct people to the FAQ, where they'll find satisfying solutions.

§2.  Editing

§2.1  I have found a dead link or a non-working answer in the FAQ, What shall I do?

If you know the correct link or the correct answer, and you are really sure about it, go ahead and correct the answer. If you are not sure, please post a message about the issue to the LyX User List.

By no means:

  • write something like "this link is dead" and "this answer did not work for me" into the FAQ. This will clutter the FAQ and help nobody
  • post alternative solutions wildly. The answer should remain as short and unambiguous as possible. Only add alternative solutions if you are sure it makes sense to have alternatives.

§2.2  I have a question which I think is a FAQ, and it's not listed yet. What shall I do?

  • If you have no answer, you can add it to Unanswered. But the chance to get it answered is higher if you post it to the LyX User List and maybe add a hint that you think this could go to the FAQ.
  • If you have an answer and if you really think this is a frequent question (and the answer is good enough), you can of course add it. But please consider the style advices below.

§3.  Style

§3.1  How should a FAQ entry look like?

  • A FAQ entry consists of a question and one or several, ideally short, answers. So please write it in that style (see the existing FAQs as a model).
  • Keep it short and simple. Do not hesitate to edit and change existing content if you think this is necessary,
  • Please do not add information about who said what. So instead of "On the mailing list, John suggested that you should do as follows...", just write "Do as follows..."
  • Please do not add your name below the FAQ. The wiki has a revision history. Add your name there.
  • Please add a short, descriptive anchor in the form [[##myanchor]] to the heading. This keeps links to FAQs stable. Also, if you refer to other entries, please refer to the descriptive anchor rather than to #tocX, which may change while the FAQ evolves.

§3.2  What if I have more to say?

Consider the difference between a Howto and a FAQ. More extended information about doing things are Howtos. If you want to write a Howto, put it in Tips rather than in FAQ.

You can add a short Q/A in the FAQ that links to the Howto. But please do not put the Howto to the FAQ's PageList.

§3.3  Where to put my new FAQ entry?

We try to sort the FAQs by category. Please check whether your FAQ matches an existing category, and if so, put it there (please also note that categories themselves are structured). If not, add a new category or, if you are unsure, put your FAQ to Unsorted. But please use the latter only as a last resort.

If you have added a new category, please also remember to add it to PageList and AllPages.


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