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A group of pages with various tips related to using LyX and increase producitivty.

This group is intended to gather various tips to increase the productivity when using LyX. The best tip so far is to check out the LaTeX Tips & Tricks by Herbert Voß — it's great! (Link seems down, alternate: sites)).

If you have additional tips, tricks and neat things that can be done with LyX you are more than welcome to add it here (add a description of new pages to Tips.PageList, included below). Please make the first line of your page a title: That information is what will be displayed below, after the page name.


I used to have the error "LaTex Error: File `setstyle.sty' not found" - i googled setstyle.sty downloaded the file and copyed it into almost every single folder in MikTex - that didn´t do it - yet. (I have no idea in which folder it is supposed to go...)

I had to do the follwoing: "START" -> "PROGRAMMS" -> "MikTex 2.8" -> "Maintenance" -> "Settings" and there I had to push "Refresh FNDB". After that Lyx could handle the "doublespace" for Example.


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