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General structure of this site

  • You are looking at a page (i.e. the page Site.SiteStructure).
  • Each page belongs to a group (i.e. this page belongs to the group Site/).

The reason that lists of pages/groups are kept in a separate page is to make it easy to include these pages in other places such as overview maps.

Recomended "standard" pages

To maintain a recognizable structure over all of the site, here are some recomendations:

  • Each group should contain a default page with the same name the group (e.g. the group Layouts/ also contains a page called Layouts.Layouts). This is the "homepage" of that group.
    • The default page of a group is a convenient place to put a description of the group.
    • And maybe also to point to (or include) a description of the pages within the group.
    • Please try and put a descriptive title on each page, since it will then be possible to use special markup to extract it (see LyX:SiteTest/IncludePara)
  • Please use the page PageList in each group. For instance, when adding a page to a group, also add a link entry in the corresponding PageList. If this is done, the page that you added will automatically appear in the page GroupMap? (since that page includes the different PageList-pages).

Structure of SideBar

The sidebar is defined by a wiki page. Which page depends on the context of the current page as follows:

Structure of headers and footers

Typically a so called 'header' is inserted before all wiki pages at this site, unless the page contains a special directive. The contents of that header is taken from all of the following pages (assuming they exist):

The 'footer' is similarly something that is inserted at the end of wiki pages. It's contents is taken from all of these pages (assuming they exist):

The contents of the header at the time of writing this essentially achieves the following:

  • Includes the part of Site.wikiStyles that defines site specific wiki styles
  • Includes a wiki trail defined by <current-group>.PageList, assuming that page exists.

Important groups and pages for the site structure

Important groups:

  • Site/ — Shared site group, where pages in this group are shared between all fields. Most pages common to the entire site should be stored in this group, e.g. the common part of the sidebar.
  • <current-field>:Field — Field specific group, where pages common only to the current field should be stored, e.g. the field specific part of the sidebar.
  • LyX:LyX/ — The main group in the user's field.
  • Devel:Devel/ — The main group in the developer's field.

Important pages:

Important anchors

  • #styles...#stylesend — Delimits the part of Site.WikiStyles that contain definition of common wiki styles. Note that only style definitions and nothing else should be placed within these anchors.
  • #list...#listend — Delimits a list of pages etc. Note that only list ites should be placed within these anchors. These anchors are used on pages such as Pages? to delimit the actual page list part of the page.
  • — Defines the start of a line with teaser text on a page. It can be extracted using e.g. the teaser markup
which is useful in pages such as PageList.
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