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  • Welcome: Welcome to the wiki-wiki of the LyX community
  • Homepage
  • About LyX
    • About LyX: What is LyX?
    • News: News related to LyX - primarily a redirection to the LyX web site.
    • NewInLyX25: About the new features in LyX 2.5.
    • NewInLyX24: About the new features in LyX 2.4.
    • NewInLyX23: About the new features in LyX 2.3.
    • NewInLyX22: About the new features in LyX 2.2.
    • NewInLyX21: About the new features in LyX 2.1.
    • NewInLyX20: About the new features in LyX 2.0.
    • NewInLyX16: About the new features in LyX 1.6
    • NewInLyX15: About the new features in LyX 1.5
    • NewInLyX14: About the new features in LyX 1.4
    • Press about LyX: Links to articles etc about LyX, the primary page is at the main LyX site []
    • Mascot: About the LyX mascot that is illustrated in e.g. the logotype.
  • Download: This page is outdated, go rather to our official pages.
  • Customization
  • Documentation
  • Presentations: A page about how you can use LyX to create presentations, and also presentation tools useful with LyX.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting your LyX installation
    • DebugFlags: How to start LyX with debug flags to produce diagnostic output.
  • Feature Poll:
  • LyX on different operating systems
    • Linux: LyX has been developed on Linux from the beginning, so it is already included in many distributions.
      • Creating LyX RPM: Notes on how to create a RPM for your Linux distribution.
      • Debian: (:toc:)
      • RedHat: Building/installing RPM-package on RedHat
      • Ubuntu: How to correctly install LyX on Ubuntu. (Debian users should check LyXOnDebian.)
    • Mac OS X: This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Windows: This group of pages contains information related to using LyX on Microsoft Windows systems.
    • Mac-X11: LyX/X11 on MacOSX
    • Cygwin: This page describes how to use LyX under Cygwin on Windows by building
  • Group map: Overview of the groups about (or related to) LyX
  • Live CDs: Live CDs with LyX
  • Logotype: About the LyX logo and some variants of it.
  • DocBook: DocBook is a comprehensive - if slightly bloated - file format for large, structured documents. There are SGML and XML variants. DocBook documents can be transformed into a wide variety of printed and electronic formats, including PDF, PS, HTML, CHM, and others.
  • Portable Installation: This page describes how to create a portable installation under Windows. This can then be used from a USB stick or a network drive without installing any software.
  • Version Control Installation and Usage: In this wiki page, I will deal with version control installation and usage on MS Windows and Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu and Centos). I will also deal with using a cloud storage with version control (dropbox, BOX, OneDrive,..., etc.) Note that there is documentation covering the use of version control in Additional LyX manual, chapter "Version Control in LyX".


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