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  • Welcome: Welcome to the wiki-wiki of the LyX community
  • Homepage
  • About LyX
    • About LyX: What is LyX?
    • News: News related to LyX - primarily a redirection to the LyX web site.
    • NewInLyX25: About the new features in LyX 2.5.
    • NewInLyX24: About the new features in LyX 2.4.
    • NewInLyX23: About the new features in LyX 2.3.
    • NewInLyX22: About the new features in LyX 2.2.
    • NewInLyX21: About the new features in LyX 2.1.
    • NewInLyX20: About the new features in LyX 2.0.
    • NewInLyX16: About the new features in LyX 1.6
    • NewInLyX15: About the new features in LyX 1.5
    • NewInLyX14: About the new features in LyX 1.4
    • Press about LyX: Links to articles etc about LyX, the primary page is at the main LyX site []
    • Mascot: About the LyX mascot that is illustrated in e.g. the logotype.
  • Download: This page is outdated, go rather to our official pages.
  • Customization
  • Documentation
  • Presentations: A page about how you can use LyX to create presentations, and also presentation tools useful with LyX.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting your LyX installation
    • DebugFlags: How to start LyX with debug flags to produce diagnostic output.
  • Feature Poll:
  • LyX on different operating systems
    • Linux: LyX has been developed on Linux from the beginning, so it is already included in many distributions.
      • Creating LyX RPM: Notes on how to create a RPM for your Linux distribution.
      • Debian: (:toc:)
      • RedHat: Building/installing RPM-package on RedHat
      • Ubuntu: How to correctly install LyX on Ubuntu. (Debian users should check LyXOnDebian.)
    • Mac OS X: This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Windows: This group of pages contains information related to using LyX on Microsoft Windows systems.
    • Mac-X11: LyX/X11 on MacOSX
    • Cygwin: This page describes how to use LyX under Cygwin on Windows by building
  • Group map: self reference omitted
  • Live CDs: Live CDs with LyX
  • Logotype: About the LyX logo and some variants of it.
  • DocBook: DocBook is a comprehensive - if slightly bloated - file format for large, structured documents. There are SGML and XML variants. DocBook documents can be transformed into a wide variety of printed and electronic formats, including PDF, PS, HTML, CHM, and others.
  • Portable Installation: This page describes how to create a portable installation under Windows. This can then be used from a USB stick or a network drive without installing any software.
  • Version Control Installation and Usage: In this wiki page, I will deal with version control installation and usage on MS Windows and Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu and Centos). I will also deal with using a cloud storage with version control (dropbox, BOX, OneDrive,…..., etc.) Note that there is documentation covering the use of version control in Additional LyX manual, chapter "Version Control in LyX".


Pages in Tips (from Tips.PageList)


I used to have the error "LaTex Error: File `setstyle.sty' not found" - i googled setstyle.sty downloaded the file and copyed it into almost every single folder in MikTex - that didn´t do it - yet. (I have no idea in which folder it is supposed to go...)

I had to do the follwoing: "START" -> "PROGRAMMS" -> "MikTex 2.8" -> "Maintenance" -> "Settings" and there I had to push "Refresh FNDB". After that Lyx could handle the "doublespace" for Example.

Pages in FAQ (from FAQ.PageList)

  1. The Basic Concepts
  2. Getting Started
  3. Platform-specific Questions
    • Linux: Questions Related to LyX on Linux
    • Windows: Questions Related to LyX on Windows
    • Mac: Questions Related to LyX on Apple Mac OS X
  4. Getting Help
  5. Using LyX: Questions on Specific Tasks
    • LaTeXErrors: Explanation of some common LaTeX errors
    • Fonts: Frequently Asked Questions related to Fonts and Font Handling
    • Titling: Frequently Asked Questions about Titling issues (Title, Author, Date etc.)
    • TOC: Frequently Asked Questions about Table of Contents, List of Figures etc.
    • Numbering: Frequently Asked Question about Numbering, Pagination etc.
    • Spacing: Frequently Asked Question about adjusting spacing in LyX
    • Text Appearance: Frequently Asked Questions about tweaking the general appearance of the text
    • Special Symbols: Frequently Asked Questions about producing specific Symbols and Text Formattings
    • Tables: Frequently Asked Questions about Tables and Table Formatting
    • Figures: Frequently Asked Questions about Figures and Graphics
    • Math: Frequently Asked Questions related to Math
    • Boxes: Frequently Asked Questions about Boxes, Frames and stuff
    • Referencing: Frequently Asked Questions about Citations, Cross References and Indexes
    • Multidoc: Frequently Asked Questions about working with multiple and multi-part documents
    • Output: Frequently Asked Questions concerning the output (PDF, DVI) and output formats (Paper size etc.)
    • Import and Export: Importing and Exporting Other Formats
  6. Customizing LyX
    • CustomizeUI: Frequently Asked Questions about how to customize the LyX User Interface (Shortcuts, menus etc.)
    • Layouts: Frequently Asked Questions about Layouts and Friends
  7. Technical Details


Pages in Tools (from Tools.PageList)

  • homepage
  • Instructions in how to add a script to this group
  • Scripts and Programs:
    • Lyx bindings: Script for listing current keyboard shortcuts (bindings) from .bind-files
    • LyX-GrammarChecker: Script that provides Grammar Checking support within LyX.
    • PyClient: Python interface to the LyXServer
    • LatexToLyx: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
    • MatlabToLyx: Goal--Insert Matlab code into LyX
    • MifToLyx: Mif2lyx is a converter from Tools/FrameMaker (v. 5) MIF format to LyX
    • Newfangle: Newfangle is an alternative to noweb. The weave step can be omitted altogether as it has been replaced by latex macros. The tangle tool is implemented by newfangle - written in awk for portability.
    • Noweb: A lyx document that explains how to get Lyx 1.6.2 working with noweb 2.11b, because sadly notangle garbles the output, and so does noweave to a lesser degree.
    • LyX2OpenOffice: There are 3 main methods of converting LyX documents to Open Document Format (the format used by Tools/OpenOffice): By python script, bash script, and by a converter installed in LyX. More detailed information about both methods follows.
    • SVG Files and Inkscape: Directly include SVG-Images in LyX.
    • Otl2lyx: Outline to LyX (otl2lyx.awk) converts a tabbed outline almost into a .lyx-file.
    • MetafileToEPSConverter: Metafile to EPS Converter
    • Bibdesk script (see section 9): This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Word2LyXMacro: This pages provides a way to convert a Microsoft Word document to LyX format.
    • Word2LyXConversionProcess: Notes on how Steve Litt converted a book from MS Word to LyX via RTF and using Word macros.
    • ELyXer: eLyXer was a LyX -> HTML converter. While there are a ton of such projects all over the web, eLyXer has a clear focus on flexibility and elegant output.
    • LyXBlogger: Tools/LyXBlogger allows LyX to post beautifully formatted code directly to your Tools/WordPress blog.
    • Google Translate4LyX: Python script to help translate a LyX/Latex document with Google Translate.
    • LyX Notebook: Allow LyX to be used as a code-evaluating notebook, similar to Mathematica notebooks or Sage notebooks.
    • StatWeave Integration: Goal Integrate StatWeave insets into LyX.
    • DuplicateRefs: Python script to remove duplicate references from LyX files. When one object has several labels, remove all labels but one.
    • LyXConverter: Tools/LyXConverter is a commercial ($29.95) Microsoft Word add-in from the Editorium that converts Word documents into LyX documents.
    • GnuplotInLyX: Template for external gnuplots and converter scripts for LyX


Pages in BibTeX (from BibTeX.PageList)


Pages in LaTeX (from LaTeX.PageList)

  • LaTeX to LyX: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
  • Files with special chars: On the use of "file names with special characters" with LaTeX
  • Package BM: The package bm.sty allows you to write bold greek letters (both upper and lower case) within LaTeX. It is part of the standard LaTeX tools bundle, i.e., it's always present.
  • Footnotes in section headings: If you want footnotes in section headings, say Section 1 entitled "Strong Beginning", do the the following:
  • LaTeX bugs: Here are some bugs in LaTeX supporting programs that affect functionality of LyX.
  • Expand newcommands for LyX import: Expand newcommands into native LaTeX code that LyX can interpret on LaTeX import.


Pages in Layouts (from Layouts.PageList)

  1. Journals and Stylesheets
  2. Books
  3. Theses
    • UC thesis: UC Thesis - A LyX layout with sample template based on the Layouts/UCThesis LaTeX Class
  4. Presentations/Slides
    • LaTeX-beamer: LaTeX-beamer &ndash; a class and layout for presentations
    • Powerdot: Powerdot &mdash; another powerful presentation class
    • Seminar: Alternative implementation of seminar.layout, a comprehensive LaTeX class for slides (including documentation and template).
  5. Letters
    • Dinbrief: Letter layout according to the German DIN norm. (revised version)
    • Brev: A4 letters for window envelopes.
    • beletter: Typeset Belgian letters
    • frletter: Typeset French letters
    • lettre: Typeset French letters (Observatoire de Genève class)
  6. Proposals
    • NIH Grant proposal. You can find a LaTeX document class, LyX layout and LyX template for creating NIH grant proposals.
  7. Miscellaneous

(Category: Layouts)

Pages in Examples (from Examples.PageList)

Scientific articles

  • Achemso: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the American Chemistry Society.
  • AcmSiggraph: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH).
  • AcmSigplan: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).
  • AEA: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the the American Economic Association (AEA).
  • AGUTeX: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
  • Astronomy-Astrophysics: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A).
  • Econometrica: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal Econometrica.
  • Elsevier: How to use LyX for articles in Journals published by the Elsevier publishing company.
  • IEEE: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • IJMP: How to use LyX for articles in the International Journal of Modern Physics (IJMP) section C and D.
  • Iopart: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the Institute of Physics (IOP).
  • IUCr: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of International Union of Crystallography (Layouts/ICUr).
  • JSS: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS).
  • Springer: How to use LyX for books and articles in Journals of the Springer publishing company.


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Pages in Windows (from Windows.PageList)

LyX/Windows releases:

Unofficial releases:

Tips & tricks:


Pages in Glossary (from Glossary

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