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Overview of the groups about (or related to) LyX

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Pages in LyX (from LyX.PageList)

  • Welcome: Welcome to the wiki-wiki of the LyX community
  • Homepage
  • About LyX
    • About LyX: What is LyX?
    • News: News related to LyX - primarily a redirection to the LyX web site.
    • NewInLyX23: About the new features in LyX 2.3.
    • NewInLyX22: About the new features in LyX 2.2.
    • NewInLyX21: About the new features in LyX 2.1.
    • NewInLyX20: About the new features in LyX 2.0.
    • NewInLyX16: About the new features in LyX 1.6
    • NewInLyX15: About the new features in LyX 1.5
    • NewInLyX14: About the new features in LyX 1.4
    • Press about LyX: Links to articles etc about LyX, the primary page is at the main LyX site [www.lyx.org]
    • Mascot: About the LyX mascot that is illustrated in e.g. the logotype.
  • Download: This page lists links for downloading various versions of LyX. If you confront problems with the server (downloading binaries etc.), you should try to use a mirror.
  • Customization
  • Documentation
  • Presentations: A page about how you can use LyX to create presentations, and also presentation tools useful with LyX.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting your LyX installation
    • DebugFlags: How to start LyX with debug flags to produce diagnostic output.
  • Feature Poll:
  • LyX on different operating systems
    • Linux: LyX has been developed on Linux from the beginning, so it is already included in many distributions.
      • Creating LyX RPM: Notes on how to create a RPM for your Linux distribution.
      • Debian: Installation
      • RedHat: This page is meant to document any special steps needed to install different versions of LyX on a Linux system based on Red Hat/Fedora Core
      • Ubuntu: How to correctly install LyX on Ubuntu. (Debian users should check LyXOnDebian.)
    • Mac OS X: This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Windows: This group of pages contains information related to using LyX on Microsoft Windows systems.
    • Mac-X11: LyX/X11 on MacOSX
    • Cygwin: This page describes how to use LyX under Cygwin on Windows by building
  • Group map: self reference omitted
  • Live CDs: Live CDs with LyX
  • Logotype: About the LyX logo and some variants of it.
  • DocBook: DocBook is a comprehensive - if slightly bloated - file format for large, structured documents. There are SGML and XML variants. DocBook documents can be transformed into a wide variety of printed and electronic formats, including PDF, PS, HTML, CHM, and others.
  • Portable Installation: This page describes how to create a portable installation under Windows. This can then be used from a USB stick or a network drive without installing any software.
  • Version Control Installation and Usage: In this wiki page, I will deal with version control installation and usage on MS Windows and Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu and Centos). I will also deal with using a cloud storage with version control (dropbox, BOX, OneDrive,…..., etc.)


Pages in Tips (from Tips.PageList)


I used to have the error "LaTex Error: File `setstyle.sty' not found" - i googled setstyle.sty downloaded the file and copyed it into almost every single folder in MikTex - that didn´t do it - yet. (I have no idea in which folder it is supposed to go...)

I had to do the follwoing: "START" -> "PROGRAMMS" -> "MikTex 2.8" -> "Maintenance" -> "Settings" and there I had to push "Refresh FNDB". After that Lyx could handle the "doublespace" for Example.

Pages in FAQ (from FAQ.PageList)

  1. The Basic Concepts
  2. Getting Started
  3. Platform-specific Questions
    • Linux: Questions Related to LyX on Linux
    • Windows: Questions Related to LyX on Windows
    • Mac: Questions Related to LyX on Apple Mac OS X
  4. Getting Help
  5. Using LyX: Questions on Specific Tasks
    • LaTeXErrors: Explanation of some common LaTeX errors
    • Fonts: Frequently Asked Questions related to Fonts and Font Handling
    • Titling: Frequently Asked Questions about Titling issues (Title, Author, Date etc.)
    • TOC: Frequently Asked Questions about Table of Contents, List of Figures etc.
    • Numbering: Frequently Asked Question about Numbering, Pagination etc.
    • Spacing: Frequently Asked Question about adjusting spacing in LyX
    • Text Appearance: Frequently Asked Questions about tweaking the general appearance of the text
    • Special Symbols: Frequently Asked Questions about producing specific Symbols and Text Formattings
    • Tables: Frequently Asked Questions about Tables and Table Formatting
    • Figures: Frequently Asked Questions about Figures and Graphics
    • Math: Frequently Asked Questions related to Math
    • Boxes: Frequently Asked Questions about Boxes, Frames and stuff
    • Referencing: Frequently Asked Questions about Citations, Cross References and Indexes
    • Multidoc: Frequently Asked Questions about working with multiple and multi-part documents
    • Output: Frequently Asked Questions concerning the output (PDF, DVI) and output formats (Paper size etc.)
    • Import and Export: Importing and Exporting Other Formats
  6. Customizing LyX
    • CustomizeUI: Frequently Asked Questions about how to customize the LyX User Interface (Shortcuts, menus etc.)
    • Layouts: Frequently Asked Questions about Layouts and Friends
  7. Technical Details


Pages in Tools (from Tools.PageList)

  • homepage
  • Instructions in how to add a script to this group
  • Scripts and Programs:
    • Lyx bindings: Script for listing current keyboard shortcuts (bindings) from .bind-files
    • LyX-GrammarChecker: Script that provides Grammar Checking support within LyX.
    • PyClient: Python interface to the LyXServer
    • LatexToLyx: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
    • MatlabToLyx: Goal--Insert Matlab code into LyX
    • MifToLyx: Mif2lyx is a converter from Tools/FrameMaker (v. 5) MIF format to LyX
    • Newfangle: Newfangle is an alternative to noweb. The weave step can be omitted altogether as it has been replaced by latex macros. The tangle tool is implemented by newfangle - written in awk for portability.
    • Noweb: A lyx document that explains how to get Lyx 1.6.2 working with noweb 2.11b, because sadly notangle garbles the output, and so does noweave to a lesser degree.
    • LyX2OpenOffice: There are 3 main methods of converting LyX documents to Open Document Format (the format used by Tools/OpenOffice): By python script, bash script, and by a converter installed in LyX. More detailed information about both methods follows.
    • SVG Files and Inkscape: Directly include SVG-Images in LyX.
    • Otl2lyx: Outline to LyX (otl2lyx.awk) converts a tabbed outline almost into a .lyx-file.
    • MetafileToEPSConverter: Metafile to EPS Converter
    • Bibdesk script (see section 9): This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Word2LyXMacro: This pages provides a way to convert a Microsoft Word document to LyX format.
    • Word2LyXConversionProcess: Notes on how Steve Litt converted a book from MS Word to LyX via RTF and using Word macros.
    • ELyXer: eLyXer is a LyX -> HTML converter. While there are a ton of such projects all over the web, eLyXer has a clear focus on flexibility and elegant output.
    • LyXBlogger: Tools/LyXBlogger allows LyX to post beautifully formatted code directly to your Tools/WordPress blog.
    • Google Translate4LyX: Python script to help translate a LyX/Latex document with Google Translate.
    • LyX Notebook: Allow LyX to be used as a code-evaluating notebook, similar to Mathematica notebooks or Sage notebooks.
    • StatWeave Integration: Goal Integrate StatWeave insets into LyX.
    • DuplicateRefs: Python script to remove duplicate references from LyX files. When one object has several labels, remove all labels but one.
    • LyXConverter: Tools/LyXConverter is a commercial ($29.95) Microsoft Word add-in from the Editorium that converts Word documents into LyX documents.


Pages in BibTeX (from BibTeX.PageList)


Pages in LaTeX (from LaTeX.PageList)

  • LaTeX to LyX: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
  • Files with special chars: On the use of "file names with special characters" with LaTeX
  • Package BM: The package bm.sty allows you to write bold greek letters (both upper and lower case) within LaTeX. It is part of the standard LaTeX tools bundle, i.e., it's always present.
  • Footnotes in section headings: If you want footnotes in section headings, say Section 1 entitled "Strong Beginning", do the the following:
  • LaTeX bugs: Here are some bugs in LaTeX supporting programs that affect functionality of LyX.
  • Expand newcommands for LyX import: Expand newcommands into native LaTeX code that LyX can interpret on LaTeX import.


Pages in Layouts (from Layouts.PageList)

  1. Journals and Stylesheets
  2. Books
  3. Theses
    • UC thesis: UC Thesis - A LyX layout with sample template based on the Layouts/UCThesis LaTeX Class
  4. Presentations/Slides
    • LaTeX-beamer: LaTeX-beamer &ndash; a class and layout for presentations
    • Powerdot: Powerdot &mdash; another powerful presentation class
    • Seminar: Alternative implementation of seminar.layout, a comprehensive LaTeX class for slides (including documentation and template).
  5. Letters
    • Dinbrief: Letter layout according to the German DIN norm. (revised version)
    • Brev: A4 letters for window envelopes.
    • beletter: Typeset Belgian letters
    • frletter: Typeset French letters
    • lettre: Typeset French letters (Observatoire de Genève class)
  6. Proposals
    • NIH Grant proposal. You can find a LaTeX document class, LyX layout and LyX template for creating NIH grant proposals.
  7. Miscellaneous

(Category: Layouts)

Pages in Examples (from Examples.PageList)

Scientific articles

  • Achemso: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the American Chemistry Society.
  • AcmSiggraph: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH).
  • AcmSigplan: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).
  • AEA: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the the American Economic Association (AEA).
  • AGUTeX: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
  • Astronomy-Astrophysics: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A).
  • Econometrica: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal Econometrica.
  • Elsevier: How to use LyX for articles in Journals published by the Elsevier publishing company.
  • IEEE: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • IJMP: How to use LyX for articles in the International Journal of Modern Physics (IJMP) section C and D.
  • Iopart: How to use LyX for articles in journals of the Institute of Physics (IOP).
  • IUCr: How to use LyX for articles in Journals of International Union of Crystallography (Layouts/ICUr).
  • JSS: How to use LyX for articles in the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS).
  • Springer: How to use LyX for books and articles in Journals of the Springer publishing company.

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Pages in Windows (from Windows.PageList)

LyX/Windows releases:

Unofficial releases:

Tips & tricks:


Pages in Glossary (from Glossary

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