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  • homepage
  • Instructions in how to add a script to this group
  • Scripts and Programs:
    • Lyx bindings: Script for listing current keyboard shortcuts (bindings) from .bind-files
    • LyX-GrammarChecker: Script that provides Grammar Checking support within LyX.
    • PyClient: Python interface to the LyXServer
    • LatexToLyx: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
    • MatlabToLyx: Goal--Insert Matlab code into LyX
    • MifToLyx: Mif2lyx is a converter from FrameMaker (v. 5) MIF format to LyX
    • Newfangle: Newfangle is an alternative to noweb. The weave step can be omitted altogether as it has been replaced by latex macros. The tangle tool is implemented by newfangle - written in awk for portability.
    • Noweb: A lyx document that explains how to get Lyx 1.6.2 working with noweb 2.11b, because sadly notangle garbles the output, and so does noweave to a lesser degree.
    • LyX2OpenOffice: There are 3 main methods of converting LyX documents to Open Document Format (the format used by OpenOffice): By python script, bash script, and by a converter installed in LyX. More detailed information about both methods follows.
    • SVG Files and Inkscape: Directly include SVG-Images in LyX.
    • Otl2lyx: Outline to LyX (otl2lyx.awk) converts a tabbed outline almost into a .lyx-file.
    • MetafileToEPSConverter: Metafile to EPS Converter
    • Bibdesk script (see section 9): This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Word2LyXMacro: This pages provides a way to convert a Microsoft Word document to LyX format.
    • Word2LyXConversionProcess: Notes on how Steve Litt converted a book from MS Word to LyX via RTF and using Word macros.
    • ELyXer: eLyXer was a LyX -> HTML converter. While there are a ton of such projects all over the web, eLyXer has a clear focus on flexibility and elegant output.
    • LyXBlogger: LyXBlogger allows LyX to post beautifully formatted code directly to your WordPress blog.
    • Google Translate4LyX: Python script to help translate a LyX/Latex document with Google Translate.
    • LyX Notebook: Allow LyX to be used as a code-evaluating notebook, similar to Mathematica notebooks or Sage notebooks.
    • StatWeave Integration: Goal Integrate StatWeave insets into LyX.
    • DuplicateRefs: Python script to remove duplicate references from LyX files. When one object has several labels, remove all labels but one.
    • LyXConverter: LyXConverter is a commercial ($29.95) Microsoft Word add-in from the Editorium that converts Word documents into LyX documents.
    • GnuplotInLyX: Template for external gnuplots and converter scripts for LyX


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