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About List Pages:

About list pages...

About Personal Pages:

About personal pages at this wiki

About Side Bar:

Description of the sidebar

About This Site:

Brief site description and technical information

About Uploading:

Help about uploading files

Access Keys:

Using accesskeys (i.e. keyboard shortcuts) at this site

Adding Material:

Instructions and tips about adding material to this site

All Recent Changes Old:

<Use this first line to write a "teaser" of this page, i.e. a small summary/description of the page and it's purpose. It could be something like: How to insert equations with specified equation numbers.>


The LyX wiki engine has been upgraded

Announcement Old:

Page containing old announcements regarding the LyX wiki.

Auth Form:
Auth User:

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Notes on how wiki.lyx.org is backed up.

Citation Template:

Edit citation


Contributors to this site

Controlling Web Robots:

Dealing with search robots.


About copyrights and this site


About copyrights and this site

Creating Group:

Notes about creating a new group for the LyX wiki.

Define Wiki Styles:


A page for discussing this site

Edit Form:
Edit Quick Reference:

Frequently Asked Questions concerning this site

Field-Side Bar:



Description of the wiki fields at wiki.lyx.org(approve sites).

Files Notify:

This site uses a recipe called Cookbook:FilesNotify, which monitors changes to files in uploads:./.

Group Categories:

Group categories

Group Header-site:



Groups in the LyX users' field


Help and instructions for using this site


History of the LyX wiki-wiki site


Ideas for improving this site

Installation Details:

Details about this wiki installation

Inter Links:

A quick way to refer to external URI:s

Inter Map:

Definition of InterMap prefixes.


Notes about the Invision Power File Manager (IPFM)

Local Configuration:

Description of how this site is configured

Local Markup:

Local markup and WikiStyles

Local Templates:

Definition of pagelist templates (local) of this site. Also see Site.PageListTemplates.


A page with markup directives that can be included from other pages.


Finding your way around this site

New Citation:

To correct a typing error in the citation key, select a replacement reference from the list. This replaces all instances on the page where the key is cited.

Page Actions:
Page List:


Page List Templates:
Page Not Found:
Page Status:

Upgrade status of pages in the development field.

Page Trail For New Users:

Notes on the intended sequence of pages for new users of this site

Password Protected:

Password Protection




Searching the LyX wiki. See further down for searching other online resources.

Search Externally:

This page is intended to be about external searches, i.e. outside this wiki, about information related to LyX. Feel free to edit this page and add links to other places where you can search for LyX-related information. chr

Shared Groups:

Description of groups shared between users' and developers' fields

Shared Groups Map:

Overview of the shared groups at this site

Side Bar:

This group (i.e. /) is about this site... e.g. how it is structured, organized and implemented, as well as ideas for how to improve it.

Site Map:

Site overview

Site Structure:
 &mdash; Defines the start of a line with teaser text \
Site Structure Notes:

Structure and organization of contents at this site

Software Patent Protest:

tabular material omitted

Software Patent Protest 2:

<Use this first line to write a "teaser" of this page, i.e. a small summary/description of the page and it's purpose. It could be something like: How to insert equations with specified equation numbers.>


Tips for using this site

To Do:

Things to do at this site

Top Bar:
Go to page:

Summary page regarding upgrading pmwiki

Upgraded Pages:

List of pages that have been upgraded. Note that before closing the old

Upgrade Installation Details:

Installation details for the upgrade pmwiki

Upgrade Issues:

Notes about upgrading the wiki engine to pmwiki2.

Upgrade Log:

Log of actions during upgrade from pmwiki-v1 to pmwiki-v2

Upgrade Problems:

Problems not fixed yet etc

Upgrade To Do:

To-do list related to upgrading to pmwiki-v2

Upload Quick Reference:
Wiki Snapshot:

Taking a "snapshot" of this site

Wiki Styles:

Wiki styles used as at this site

Writing Pages:

Tips for writing pages to this site

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